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Zig Zag Blanket

Sunday, 09.01.13

IMG 0288

Like I said, I love making things for babies.  Blankets are a great gift to make.  Practical and pretty and long lasting.

Adult size blankets seem, well, unlikely.  They use so much yarn.  Even when you find yarn on super amazing sale that is still a TON of yarn.  It takes so long to make that it sit in the To Do pile for so long it just taunts you.  A baby blanket though is much friendlier.  I know I can accomplish a baby sized blanket.  Babies are little!

I’ve been working on a knitted zigzag blanket over the summer.  (Another perk for the small size is that you can work on it in the summer and not get overheated as it sits in your lap.  It is just a little thing remember).  I got the idea from this pattern found on Ravelry; Pram Baby Blanket.  It is made from scrap sock yarn and is a fantastic collection of colors.  I haven’t ventured into sock making yet but I do have an abundance of worsted weight yarn from baby sweaters and animals.  I used Berrocco Comfort Solid and Heathers.  I like that the nylon/acrylic blend is soft but practical for cleaning.

IMG 0285

I used green for the border and in the interior.  For some reason, I had a lot of green.  I don’t remember what I thought I was going to make with it but I’m glad I had it for this  I didn’t plan out my colors before starting.  I just grabbed as I went.  There started to be a little bit of a pattern in width of stripes but it really doesn’t repeat in any meaningful way.

AIMG 0283

I’m very happy with it.  It is just what I thought it would be.  I don’t know what more I could ask for than that…accept maybe for someone to weave in the ends for me.  There were A LOT of ends to weave in!

This blanket is on its way to Project Linus.

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