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Scrap Blanket

Friday, 05.23.14

I’m not sure if it counts as a “scrap blanket” when I’ve made two blankets out of the same “scraps” but I’m going with it.

Manorette scrap blanket 1

This blanket might look familiar.  I used the same left over yarn I used for the Zig Zag Blanket.  That blanket turned out really fun.  I was tempted to make that same pattern again.  Then thought it might be tremendously boring to make the same blanket with the same yarn.  So I looked around for another idea.  I came across the Log Cabin pattern.  I’m not very fond of sewing together pieces.  To avoid that tedious task I just kept going with the pattern.  Around and around.

Manorette scrap blanket 2

I started with a stockinette, green square for the center.  From there I made striped logs pulling along a color from the previous log.  Green with red to red with grey to grey with black, etc.  I finished the whole thing with a green border.  In an attempt to make it look a bit more square, I added a single crochet edge.

Manorette scrap blanket 3

Manorette scrap blanket 4

I used Berrocco Comfort Solid and Heathers with size 10 circular needles.  I makes for a cozy, drape-y blanket.  Not dense but not too loose either.

Manorette scrap blanket 5

This cuddly blank is on it’s way to Project Linus.

Mother’s Day

Tuesday, 05.13.14

We all loved our visit last month to the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden so much that we decided to go again for Mother’s Day.  


The visits were just a few weeks apart but so many things were different.  Equally beautiful but not quite as over the top.

Still a good amount of yellow:


And fluttery purple flowers:


I take it back.  There is nothing subtle about this kind of masterful color work.  I’m still very impressed.


I thought we needed a little treat before our walk to celebrate the moms.  I made Vanilla Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream.  I added mini chocolate chips to the batter and dipped the frosted tops in chocolate sprinkles.


In order to transport them I thought of a brilliant idea.  I would put them into plastic cups!  After a little play on Pinterest I discovered this is not an original idea.  I popped them in the cups, they didn’t quite fit, but it did the job.



You know how I like a bit of a theme.  I went with blue, not wanting to recreate the yellow drama from the last family gathering (He still doesn’t want to talk about yellow).  I decided on blue because sport cap water bottles where the only ones I could find in the mini size.  It just so happens that I really like blue and had lovely paper liners to use.

 I found a graphic that reminded me of the meadow.  I used it to make water bottle labels.


I even managed to persuade my printer to print the design on lunch bags.  I don’t think the printer was too terribly happy about it but it still seems to be working.


Each bag contained a cupcake, mini water bottle, cocktail napkin, and fork.


I bundled up some cherries and berries for an extra treat for the Mothers.  The pretty little jewels!


These little Chinese food take out boxes are one of my favorite things to use for food gifts.  Another bit of the theme printed on stickers.


We found a picnic table to gather around and dig into our baggies.  The cup and fork really made the cupcake easy to eat and didn’t leave us with sugary fingers or a huge mess to clean up.


From there we set off on a walk.  


A different trail this time.  It took us through a forest of redwoods.


Ending with the same glorious, grand finale.


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