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Scrap Blanket

Friday, 05.23.14

I’m not sure if it counts as a “scrap blanket” when I’ve made two blankets out of the same “scraps” but I’m going with it.

Manorette scrap blanket 1

This blanket might look familiar.  I used the same left over yarn I used for the Zig Zag Blanket.  That blanket turned out really fun.  I was tempted to make that same pattern again.  Then thought it might be tremendously boring to make the same blanket with the same yarn.  So I looked around for another idea.  I came across the Log Cabin pattern.  I’m not very fond of sewing together pieces.  To avoid that tedious task I just kept going with the pattern.  Around and around.

Manorette scrap blanket 2

I started with a stockinette, green square for the center.  From there I made striped logs pulling along a color from the previous log.  Green with red to red with grey to grey with black, etc.  I finished the whole thing with a green border.  In an attempt to make it look a bit more square, I added a single crochet edge.

Manorette scrap blanket 3

Manorette scrap blanket 4

I used Berrocco Comfort Solid and Heathers with size 10 circular needles.  I makes for a cozy, drape-y blanket.  Not dense but not too loose either.

Manorette scrap blanket 5

This cuddly blank is on it’s way to Project Linus.

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